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Consult with us when you need customs information or customs advice.

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Less uncertainty, stronger compliance

You consult with us when you need customs information or customs advice, because you want to know more about customs for your business, take a decision, or solve a problem. Decision making and problem solving involves weighing obligations, risks, uncertainties and costs. For customs, this means understanding what obligations your business has, where its compliance risks are in dealing with customs obligations, mitigating uncertainty as to how customs laws apply to your business, or how to cut the costs of importing by reviewing customs duty/import taxes. Our advice is intended to make your business more productive and more profitable.


At Quadrel, we will represent you to HMRC should you have a dispute, ruling or demand you do not agree with.


Representing your interests

We can also get involved before decisions are issued if you contact us at an early stage. Often it can be easier to negotiate with HMRC before they issue decisions. In certain situations and when necessary, we can also call upon leading counsel where the additional expertise of a custom barrister would be beneficial.

Training and development

Develop your knowledge, skills & expertise so that your business is performing it's customs function effectively and to the highest compliance standard.


Developing your knowledge and knowhow

We provide a range of introductory and in-depth courses in a variety of areas including an introduction to customs, import and export basics, customs entry declarations, tariff classification, customs valuation, origin and preferences, duty reliefs and avoiding trapped duty, handling HMRC audits, minimum customs duty strategies, Incoterms ……………and more. We can provide both off the shelf training courses as well as bespoke courses tailored to your colleagues and your business needs designed collaboratively with you. We offer seminars, one to one sessions, small group (2/3) or larger groups (up to 12) to deliver what you need.

Find the solution that best fits your business