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You have come to the right place if you...

Manage customs & trade

Import or export goods

Pay customs duties

Manage a supply chain

You gain benefits for your business if you…

Reduce import duties

Resolve difficulties with UK customs

Manage risk

Achieve process efficiencies

What do you need? Find out below.

You receive what you need in the way that works best for you as described below:

Our company

Quadrel is an established and trusted UK based business providing clients with the very best customs compliance and duty advice.

When working with us, you receive what you need whether that be specialist advice, representation or developing the customs capabilities of your people and business.


With over 25 years of specialist customs experience we are well placed to provide you with the advice, information, representation or training you are looking for to solve a customs problem and improve your business.

We are professionally qualified with the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Institute of Export & International Trade. We also carry professional indemnity insurance.

Many businesses are wary of unexpected invoices for professional services.

Most businesses rightly expect and appreciate clarity in fee arrangements. These are the ways in which our fees are arranged:

i) An agreed fixed fee for undertaking a specified assignment for you
ii) An agreed hourly or daily rate charged for the time spent on your business requirements

iii) An agreed contingency fee based on certain success factors such as achieving a repayment of customs duty for you
iv) A retainer fee arrangement: an agreed monthly or interval payment in return for a certain number of hours access to services

You may also prefer a combination of these depending on the nature of the

We add out of pocket expenses at cost (except where agreed differently) and add VAT as applicable.

Fees are set out and confirmed in the letter of engagement (contract) we send you for the services you require and which we agree to provide.

Importantly, you can be confident that you will never be sent an invoice
which has not already been agreed with you in advance.

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